About Us

Our History

Established in 2010, Caspian Plastic Aria has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of disposable containers, operating within a facility spanning over 15000 square meters.

Caspian Plastic Aria has remained at the forefront of competition since its establishment by investing in advanced production lines and employing skilled human resources, allowing for the production of high-quality products that meet global standards.

Caspian Plastic Aria has attained fame and enduring success due to its commitment to producing high-quality products and offering a diverse range of diverse options while adhering to both national and international standards.

Caspian Plastic Aria, with its standard and hygienic production space, stays up-to-date with the latest world technology. Using scientific and managerial techniques and methods, conducting research, development and training, and responsibly addressing customer needs, alongside a supportive staff and a harmonious family, it has a strong presence in national and international markets.

  • Customer Orientation
  • Taking advantage of current knowledge
  • Variety in products
  • the environment

About Us

Mission and Prospect

We aim to become a top domestic service provider by harnessing cutting-edge global knowledge, fostering a dynamic environment with a youthful and seasoned workforce. Additionally, through the utilization of premium raw materials and a strong international presence, we aspire to become a highly-regarded and influential manufacturers.

Preserving natural resources and respecting the environment are included in our agenda throughout all stages of our activities



Caspian Plastic Aria is committed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of disposable containers within the next five years, through scientific perspective and adherence to customer-centric principles. We strive to achieve this goal by innovating and diversifying our products, upholding comprehensive authority over domestic and regional markets.

About Us

Goals and policies

About Us


As International standards ensure health, hygiene, and safety of society, while also serving as the key to a successful presence in global and competitive markets by building customer trust and confidence, Caspian Plastic Aria, having already obtained all relevant national certificates with Grade A rating, has additionally achieved ISO22000:2018 and ISO9001:2015 and is aiming to acquire ISO14001 and ISO10004 certifications.